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Minimum Numbers

All regular packages are sold on a seat basis where up to 4 passengers may be travelling on the helicopter. Single passenger bookings are welcome however all regular packages require a minimum of 2 passengers to depart.

Regular package: here, seats are sold individually so that passengers can choose and buy the seat they want.

Charter package: This package is designed for passengers who want to get more privacy by renting a whole helicopter.

Special Flight: If there are passengers who want to rent a helicopter outside of the package that already available, Bali HeliTour can arrange it according to the passenger’s needs.

Seating allocation

Please note that all helicopter flights are sold on a seat basis where up to 4 passengers may be travelling on the helicopter.

Customers may contact Bali Heli tour to book a Charter or Special flight if a seat basis flight is not suitable.

Aircraft type & seating positions are allocated on the day of the flight once all passengers have been weighed and checked in. Seating allocation is based on a weight & balance calculation and at the discretion of the ground crew or pilot in command to ensure the safe carriage of all passengers.

Information required in order to make a reservation

In order to finalize and confirm an online or on site booking all passengers need to provide the following details:

  1. The date/s that you are available to fly.
  2. Passenger/s names (including first name and last name) in order to complete the flight manifest.
  3. Confirmation of whether or not there are children flying (along with their ages at the time of booking).
  4. Contact number (including country code if applicable) during your time in Bali (please be advised that we have WhatsApp available).
  5. Email address to send flight confirmation and any other relevant correspondence.
  6. Individual passenger/s weights in kilograms.

Pregnant passengers

Pregnant passengers are more than welcome to fly with us at their own discretion, passengers who have any concerns are best to consult their doctor prior to making a reservation. Please note that all passengers are required to wear a seatbelt during flight regardless of their medical condition.

Child & Infant Policy

An infant is a passenger who has not yet reached his or her 2nd birthday. Infants will not be carried in company aircraft unless accompanied by one parent or a responsible adult. The infant may be carried in the arms of, or on the lap of an adult passenger, in an approved infant seat, or in a bassinet.

If flying with infants the aircraft must be at charter or special flight hired. A child is a passenger who has reached their 2nd but not their 13th birthday and will occupy their own seat on the aircraft. The child must be accompanied by an adult on the flight.

Booking cancellation

The following cancellation policies apply to bookings with Bali Heli Tour.

  1. Cancellation above 48 hours of flight departure time – incurs 20% of flight cost
  2. Cancellation up to 48 hours of flight departure time – incurs 50% of flight cost
  3. Cancellation less than 24 hours of flight departure time – incurs 100% of flight cost

All other bookings:

  1. If passengers elect not to travel due to weather but flights are still operational, 100% cancellation fee will apply.
  2. Any flight cancelled by Bali Heli Tour will not incur a cancellation charge and all endeavors will be made to re-schedule the flight to a mutually convenient time and/or date.
  3. Bali Heli Tour will not be held liable for costs associated with airfares, accommodation or anything else due to helicopter flights which do not proceed as booked.

Weather Condition

Bali HeliTour reserves the right to vary flights and itineraries due to the exigencies of weather or other operational considerations. Bali HeliTour will decide if the flight needs to be postponed due to weather; both parties will then determine a rescheduled time and/or date. If, however, a rescheduled date and time cannot be agreed upon, there will be a refund of 100% of any received payment. Bali HeliTour will not be held liable for costs associated with delays as a result of these conditions.

Flight Routes

We always endeavor to deliver our products as described in any of our advertising material or flight confirmations; however sights, flight paths and flight times may vary due to weather, air traffic control, or pilot discretion.

Flight Schedule

Bali Heli tour will endeavour to deliver the service as advertised and/or confirmed, actual sights, flights, routes departure times may vary (or even be cancelled) due to weather, operational considerations, air traffic control or pilot discretion. The company can give no guarantee of exact arrival or departure time for any service and will not be liable for any failure to make connections to other services or not achieving stated outcomes due to operational considerations beyond our control.

Marketing Media

Bali HeliTour has the right to used, copied, distributed, published, exhibited, digitized, publicly displayed, reproduced, altered, edited, manipulated, and otherwise used via any medium and by whatever means, in whole or in part, anywhere in the world, at any time, for an unlimited number of projects, for any and all purposes of advertising, marketing or trade in promoting and publicizing photo, video and/or other data from and by customers for the benefit of Bali HeliTour marketing media.

Data Differences

If there are differences regarding billing, receipt and other data between customer data and Bali HeliTour data, then the data that is considered valid is Bali HeliTour data.